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Contributing to Meter and Meter Documentation

Meter welcomes contributions from the community. If you wish to contribute to any of our projects, including the documentation, feel free to clone the relevant repositories listed below.

Please create a unique branch in your local copy. When you have made your modifications, are finished your contribution, submit a merge request and one of the Meter term will review and provide any feedback.

You may also reach out to our team at any time if you have questions, or wish to get advance feedback on work in progress.

Meter Project Contributions

Meter has a number of projects you can contribute to, available at

Some notable projects include:

Documentation Contributions

The documentation for Meter uses a static content generator called Slate. Slate is primarily for API documentation, but the Meter docs also make use of it for all technical content.

Slate uses Markdown, which makes it intuitive for many people to be able to contribute. The Documentation Guidelines discusses how to format Markdown documents for Slate according to the Meter standard, and approaches to writing for the Meter documentation.