eMTRG and eMTR

The Meter-Ethereum bridge

The Meter-Ethereum bridge enables transfer of decentralized value between Meter and Ethereum and is the foundation of our liquidity mining program.

Here is important information about our ERC-20 tokens, Balancer and Uniswap pools, and more:

  1. Meter bridge address:

Mainnet: 0x5c5713656c6819ebe3921936fd28bed2a387cda5


eMTRG: 0xBd2949F67DcdC549c6Ebe98696449Fa79D988A9F

Liquidity Mining

On Ethereum, we are partnering with ChadSwap for liquidity mining program. Uniswap liquidity providers could stake the eMTRG/ETH LP tokens in on ChadSwap to earn around 200% annual returns, of which 25% is vested immediately and 75% will be vested linearly over a year.

Whether you are participating in the liquidity mining for ChadSwap, you will receive 30% APY airdrops in eMTRG directly sent to your wallet on weekly basis

How to map MTR -> eMTR and MTRG -> eMTRG using the Meter wallet

Since Meter main net and Ethereum share the same address format, the official Meter wallet can wrap MTRG to eMTRG and send it to the same address on Ethereum. Please read this blog post for a step-by-step tutorial on how to map MTR and MTRG to eMTR and eMTRG, respectively

How to map eMTR -> MTR and eMTRG -> MTRG

User can simply convert eMTRG back to MTRG by sending the eMTRG to eMTRG's contract address: 0xBd2949F67DcdC549c6Ebe98696449Fa79D988A9F The sender will automatically receive MTRG on sending address on Meter main net. Please read this blog post for a step-by-step tutorial on how to map MTR and MTRG to eMTR and eMTRG, respectively:

The Meter Liquidity Mining Program

Meter's Liquidity Mining Program is currently focused on Uniswap eMTRG/ETH pair. You could earn two rewards at the same time:

  1. As long as you provided liquidity in the Uniswap v2 eMTRG-ETH pool. You will receive weekly eMTRG airdrop at 30% APR (including the ETH value)

2. You could stake the Uniswap LP token in our partner liqudity farm Chadswap. The farmed token is called Stacy and the APR is between 100 to 200%. When you farm the Stacy token, 25% is immedately vested the the rest 75% is vested linearly over one year. You could claim the reward through interacting with Etherscan (Read the tutorial in the following blog post):