Welcome to Meter!

Meter is DeFi infrastructure with a built-in, crypto-native, metastable currency, MTR. It uses HotStuff based PoS consensus with MTRG (Meter Governance Token) to manage the blockchain ledger. Meter functions as a highly-decentralized, high-performance side chain for Ethereum and other public chains.

We are working to achieve three things with Meter’s DeFi infrastructure:

  1. Complete Bitcoin’s original vision and create a metastable sound money independent of the fiat system.

  2. Address performance issues that current chains are facing with our Hybrid PoW/PoS + HotStuff consensus that is backward compatible with Ethereum.

  3. Interconnect with other public chains like ETH and run as a side chain to enable scaling and value interaction.

Please read on to learn more!

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