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Meter Co-marketing Program

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  • This program is a approval based incentive program.
  • Unutilized Monthly budget is not carried forward.
  • Distribution is solely to users directly from Meter based on allocated budget

Core Objective

To combine the expertise, resources of Meter and its ecosystem partners to propel our shared vision forward, enabling us to jointly amplify our brand presence and foster our community.

Program Incentives

The program aims to empower our ecosystem partners to engage our communities collectively through a monthly earmarked budget based on their social footprint.
The budget is exclusively for the community.

Potential Ideas

Some of the incentivized strategies with the potential to amplify community engagement at Meter could be:
  • Community generated educational content
  • Social media campaigns, quizzes, learning series
  • Collaborative marketing with other dApps
  • Community events — AMAs, Twitter spaces
Our ecosystem partners have the liberty to develop more co-marketing activities that resonate with your community and align with our shared goals.

Program Eligibility

Deployment on Meter Mainnet for >1 month and Twitter Footprint as mentioned earlier.

Key Milestones for marketing events

  1. 1.
    Ecosystem partner should inform Meter Foundation about the scheduled event and portion of budget allocation to the event
  2. 2.
    Events should be publicized/ marketed at least a week in advance
All comarketing campaigns should tag Meter appropriately across the social footprint of the campaign.
The Meter Foundation reserves the right to halt any payment stream indefinitely for any reason, including if the Foundation believes it is in the best interests of the Meter ecosystem.

MTRG Incentive Distribution

  1. 1.
    Budget will be released to participating community members directly on completion of the event based on input from ecosystem partner

Other Important Aspects

Engagement Rate

Though we are aware that engagement cannot be guaranteed, we expect our ecosystem partners to make the best efforts to engage + recall. Meter will help amplify the event.

Comarketing beyond campaign events

We believe in collective growth of both Meter and our ecosystem partner. We are committed to amplify our partners communications beyond this program with the exception of competitive partnerships. We would appreciate our ecosystem partners demonstrating a similar commitment.