How to Stake MTRG


1. Min of 100 MTRG

2. Some MTR for transaction fees

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Access and connect to MetaMask wallet with the requisite address

Step 2

Confirm the available balance of MTRG and MTR and choose to Vote against the Candidate shortlisted.

More details on choosing a candidate can be found here;

pageChoosing Candidates

Note: The requisition address should have minimum of 100 MTRG and some MTR for transaction fees

Step 3

Stake/ Delegate to the Candidate and submit the vote

Staking amount < 100 gives an error.

Note: Candidate is blanked out to keep the tutorial impartial

Step 4

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Note: Typical transaction costs for staking are less than 0.05 MTR

Step 5

Vote ID: Key information

Note: Meter literature also refers Vote ID as “Bucket ID”. They are interchangeable terms.

Note: Bonus votes increases the weight of the Vote ID in the staking rewards. Higher the bonus votes, more the staking rewards. The system rewards long term stakers with increasing bonus votes

Note: The screen shot was added post “add more” MTRG to bucket thus showing votes as 105 MTRG

Factors affecting Staking Rewards can be found here;

pageFactors affecting Staking Rewards

You have successfully staked/ delegated your MTRG.

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