How to Undelegate MTRG


“Undelegate” enables users to change the candidate on the Vote while continuing staking. This maybe done for one of the below reasons;

1. The current candidate has been jailed leading to loss of rewards for the user

2. The user/ acquaintance has a new node setup. The votes need to be moved to the new candidate

3. The user wants to move Votes to a candidate with lower commission


Existing Vote ID

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

“Undelegate” on the existing Vote ID

Step 2

Confirm the “Undelegate”

Please read the instructions before you “undelegate”

Note: Users do not receive rewards unless they “delegate” the Vote ID again to a new candidate

Note: The Vote ID loses the bonus votes on “Undelegate”

Step 3

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Step 4

Note the changes to the Vote ID

Step 5

“Delegate” on the existing Vote ID to vote on a new candidate

Note: “Delegate” is only visible for a Vote ID that is previously undelegated.

Step 6

Choose the new Candidate and submit

Step 7

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Step 8

Confirm the New Candidate delegation

You have successfully undelegated MTRG from one candidate and delegated back to a new candidate.

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