Choosing Candidates

Meter Network currently does not have uptime analytics for Node Operators. However, historically since April 2021, there has been minimum downtime across node operators.

It is safe for users to choose any candidate to delegate their stake.

Alternatively, Users can DM “/staking (wallet address)” to @MeterValidatorBot on Telegram to get daily messages when your wallet receives the staking rewards.

Users lose potential rewards only when the candidate they have delegated gets jailed.

Information currently available on the Candidates

Candidate Name: The name of the candidate node on which you can stake

Address: Address running the node

Commission: The portion of the staking rewards that will be withheld for providing the staking service

Total Votes: Total MTRG that has been staked/ delegated on the candidate

nVoter: Number of buckets (each of minimum 100 MTRG) that have been staked on the candidate

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