Meter Developer Grant Program

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Core Objective

The core objective of the Meter Developer Grant program is growth and adoption of Meter Network as a public goods platform.

Key Performance Criteria to choose a recipient

The key performance indicators that drive the decision-making in providing grant to a project/ recipient are;

  1. Ability to generate transaction volume on Meter Network

  2. Ability to attract TVL on Meter Network

  3. Ability to attract new user to Meter Network

  4. Fill gap in the current Meter Ecosystem needs

Overall Budget for the Program

The overall budget for the ‘Meter Developer Grant Program’ is 10 Million USD in its current phase. The funding for the program will be sourced from MTRG reserved for ecosystem and future products (Tokenomics paper).

Key Categories

The overarching goal of the Grant Program is adoption of Meter Network and increase in network activity. We would review any project which fits the overarching goal.

In cognizance of the current state of Meter Ecosystem, Meter Foundation is more inclined to below categories of projects;

  1. DeFI Protocols (Derivatives, Lending, Stablecoin Solutions, Insurance, Yield Optimizers, Reserve Currency)

  2. Gaming (P2E, Move to Earn, Metaverse, GameFI etc.)

  3. NFT (Collections, Mint tooling, Marketplace etc.)

  4. DEX (AMMs with farms)

  5. IDO Application

  6. DAO and DAO Tooling (Voting tools, tokenized gates, investment tools)

  7. Tooling, Infrastructure and Integrations

Meter Foundation will support any type of deployment through the grant program (New development, Port from Other Network, Fork of established protocol)

Grant Estimate across Key Categories

Meter foundation is primarily interested in projects that align to the key performance criteria mentioned earlier. Based on our experience, below are the key performance criteria and grant estimates across different categories (detailed above):

Key CategoryPerformance CriteriaGrant EstimateAdditional Incentives

DeFI Protocols


Up to 50,000 USD

3 months of liquidity incentives (MTRG)



Up to 50,000 USD

3 months of user acquisition incentives (MTRG)


Unique Address Mints

Up to 10,000 USD

Past Success on other ecosystems

DEX (AMMs with farms)


Up to 50,000 USD

3 months of liquidity incentives (MTRG)

IDO Application


Up to 50,000 USD


DAO and DAO Tooling


Up to 20,000 USD


Tooling, Infrastructure and Integrations

Ecosystem Gap

Up to 20,000 USD



Please fill out this application form diligently -

If you have not heard from us in 30 days, please reach out to @xiaohanzhu or @sg_meter on Telegram.

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