Meter DAPP Referral Program

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Core Objective

To leverage the untapped potential of Meter Community by incentivizing the community to participate in onboarding DAPPs on to the Meter Network.

Program Incentives

Any DAPP referred by the Community members or developers will be screened for eligibility for 'Meter Developer Grant Program'. Community member will receive referral incentives if DAPP is deemed eligible for the grant.

Incentives for DAPP referrals by the Meter Community will be;

Minimum of:

750 USD or 5% of DAPP Upfront and Milestone Based Grant

The overall incentive is capped to 3,000 USD (or 60,000 USD project grant).

Program Eligibility

The current focus of the program is limited to categories mentioned in the ‘Meter Developer Grant Program’ here — Key Categories.

Key Milestones

  1. Introduce the DAPP to Meter Foundation (setup Telegram or Discord Chat)

  2. Meter Foundation evaluates the Grant prospects of the DAPP to reach to an agreement on the quantum of grant

  3. The DAPP deploys on Meter Network

  4. Meter Foundation releases the grant which is either Upfront Grant or Milestone Based Grant or Both

  5. Meter Foundation releases referral grant to the community member

The Meter Foundation reserves the right to halt any payment stream indefinitely for any reason, including if the Foundation believes it is in the best interests of the Meter ecosystem.

MTRG Incentive Distribution

  1. The referral grant will be released along with the release of grant to the DAPP (upfront or milestone based)

All payments will be in MTRG based on exchange date on the date of distribution.

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