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Meterify Web3 API

API Documentation

The API documentation focuses on the use of the meterify library to develop DApps for the Meter blockchain. As a testament to our open source approach. meterify is a node.js package. It provides interfaces almost the same as the well known web3.jslibrary, and much of its relevant open source documentation has been merged with information more specific to Meter. Using meterify generates native Meter transactions and is more direct than using web3.js through the RPC interface.
The meterify.js library uses the http restful API. You could either use your own node or interact with a full node on the Meter mainnet/testnet.
Restful API end points:
Local: http://node_ip:8669
To get started with the meterify.js library, we first need to install it using the following command:
npm install meterify
Once done, the simplest setup to start using the library and its methods is the following:
const meterify = require("meterify").meterify;
const Web3 = require("web3");
const web3 = meterify(new Web3(), "RPC_URL");

Guides and Tutorials

Several guides and tutorials have been written to explain how to work with the Meter blockchain through meterify. They cover development topics, such as how to build DApps and work with smart contracts.

Other Resources