Programming Meter Passport

Meter Passport shares the same programming interface as Sygma (Chainsafe) Bridge.

Adding ERC20 token support in existing supported chains:

For adding standard ERC20 tokens to Meter Passport, please submit a Pull Request in Meter Passports token repo:

ERC20 Token List Repo

ERC20 tokens with special features like transfer tax and burning, please reach out to our team through telegram or discord channel.

Generic Message Passing

Meter Passport is the first bridge that supports generic cross chain messaging in production. Ampleforth team uses Meter Passport for both AMPL token transfers and crosschain rebasing. Meter Passport is a fork of ChainSafe's Sygma bridge v2. The generic message-passing interface is the same as the Sygma Bridge. The details of the generic messaging passing can be found in the Sygma bridge documents.

Sygma Generic Message Passing Docs

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