How to Stake Incremental MTRG


‘Vote More’ MTRG enables users to add more MTRG to the existing Vote ID. This maybe done for one of the below reasons;

1. The user does not have additional 100 MTRG to meet the threshold to create a new Vote ID

2. The user adds staking rewards periodically to the existing Vote ID to compound staking rewards


1. Existing Vote of minimum 100 MTRG

2. Additional MTRG to add to the Vote ID

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

“Vote more” on the existing Vote ID

Step 2

Add “Extra Amount” of MTRG to the Vote ID

Note: User can add any amount of MTRG to the bucket up to the current ‘free’ MTRG balance on the account

Step 3

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Step 4

Confirm the “locked MTRG” balance increase

You have successfully staked/ delegated additional MTRG to your existing Votes.

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