How to Unbound MTRG


“Unbound” enables users to remove the MTRG from staking. This maybe done for one of the below reasons;

1. Partake in Node Operation to earn higher rewards through Meter Foundation Delegation

2. Deploy MTRG in DeFI applications like DEX liquidity or Lending and Borrowing


1. Existing Vote ID

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

“Unbound” on the existing Vote ID

Step 2

Confirm the “Unbound”

Please read the instructions before you “unbound”

Note:Unbound” without “Undelegate” will ensure that user keep getting rewards during the unbound period of 1 week

Step 3

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Step 4

Note the changes to the ‘state’ column with the timer ‘Mature in 7 days’

Note: MTRG is locked in staking until the end of epoch once “Unbound” countdown is over. Please wait until the end of current epoch to ensure MTRG are available in your account. The ‘state’ column displays the additional time as ‘Matured 50 mins ago’

Note: Please track the ‘state’ column on the Vote ID to track the latest status of the unbound process

You have successfully unbounded MTRG staking.

The MTRG will be available in your account after 7 days + 1 epoch (typically 1 hr.)

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