Meter Docs

MTRG Crosschain Info

The Meter Passport

Meter Passport allows MTRG and other ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to be transferred among the supported blockchains.
Here is important information about MTRG on different chains. To reduce user confusion, we have decided to call all wrapped versions of MTRG on different chains as MTRG. The Ethereum version was deployed earlier and was called eMTRG.
Binance Smart Chain(BSC):
Base Mainnet:
Meter Mainnet:
MTRG ERC20 Interface: 0x228ebBeE999c6a7ad74A6130E81b12f9Fe237Ba3

Operating the Same Account on Metamask and Meter Wallet

Metamask configuration information can be found in the previous section
Meter Wallet supports native Meter transactions including staking, starting candidate nodes, vote on candidates. Metamask is used in the Ethereum emulation mode to interact with dApps. It is easy to operate the same account in both Meter Wallet and Metamask. Meter wallet is completely open sourced. Your private key will only be encrypted and stored on your local computer.
To export the private keys from Meter Wallet to Metamask:
Backup Keystore into a .json file from MeterWallet
Import the .json file into Metamask
Export Private Key from Metamask and Import to Meter Wallet
Export Private Key from Account details in Metamask
Import Metamask Private Key to Meterwallet